Florence, Italy

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Serra Negra, Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Nottingham, United Kingdom

Jacksonville, Florida, USA

The home of CPE with close proximity to Jacksonville and Orlando International Airport the plentiful sunshine and warm weather makes this an accessible and ideal place in which to train and compete. Based at Bolles School there is access to excellent facilities including a large number of courts, strength and condition suite, gymnasium whilst providing many options of hotels and lodgings.

Midlands, United Kingdom

Being in the heart of the UK access to the Midlands is made easy with East Midlands Airport and an excellent public transport system from other parts of the country. With ATP, WTA and ITF events in Nottingham and the surroundings cities it also makes an ideal location when competing in the UK and travelling within Europe. With access to indoor and outdoor tennis facilities and sport science support there are many options for accommodation. Supported in the UK by Mike James & Jonny Fraser.

Florence, Italy

Based north of Florence Proffesione Club Tennis Facility provides an excellent training base location in Europe with a number of ITF tournaments being held in the surrounding area. Flying into Pisa or Florence airport reaching the facility is accessible whilst having a number of hard courts and good links with local hotels

Serra Negra, Sao Paulo, Brazil

In the state of Sao Paulo located at Kirmayr Tennis Facility this is CPE South America base. Flying into Sao Paulo the facility has accommodation on site whilst having both clay and hard courts. With WTA, ATP and ITF events being based around the area Kirmayr Tennis Facility provides an excellent base for players.

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