Professional Program


Experience and Supportive Team

“Opportunity to access and train with experienced coaches at different training centres across the world” 

World class coaching from experienced professionals to help develop technical, tactical, physical and mental performance on court.

Support from physical trainers to help reduce the risk of injury, improve athleticism and develop tennis specific conditioning.

Access to multiple training centres, with tailor made training environments.

“With a network of coaches we can help support players as they travel and compete on the tour”

Opportunities to have international travelling support at ATP and WTA events.

A unique element of multiple training centres across the world provides familiarised bases in which to train and compete from.

Schedule and logistical support helping planning and periodising your schedule.

Travelling Team

Sport Science Support

“With CPE holistic approach opportunities to access sport science support to reduce injury risk, improve performance and aid player development is a critical aspect”

Tennis specific strength and conditioning training available from highly qualified and experience trainers.

Opportunities to have travelling strength and conditioning with systems in place to help maximise training.

Access to additional sport science support bases and practitioners.


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